Conceived as a creative hub, as an incubator and as a multiplier of initiatives and proposals, “Villa Fernandes: public good” is configured as a place for discussion, learning and deepening of one’s knowledge on social, environmental, cultural issues, but also as a meeting point where to have a coffee with friends.

A place that allows free access for citizens who want to benefit from the garden for walking, free play, study, reading and to rediscover the value of meeting and socializing.


The spaces of Villa Fernandes, both internal and external ones, represent the perfect place for the discovery and sharing and use of the various forms of art.

Villa Fernandes is configured as a prestigious location for meetings, events, shows and exhibitions and promotes all possible connections to support talent and free art from closed places.

Villa Fernandes is therefore an innovative cultural center, a place of creation, promotion and diffusion of scientific, theatrical, musical, cinematographic, cultural knowledge and of the traditions of the territory and its particularities.


The Bistro inside Villa Fernandes represents an innovative entrepreneurial experiment: open every day and all day long to offer the public the typical services of a bar, it is also the main place for meeting and socializing, discussion and connecting between productive activities, cultural promotion, training and business creation consultancy.

The meeting, in fact, is not only foreseen among the people who can develop projects or business plans into an informal context, but also between the various services provided (training internships, start-up paths for the inclusion of young people and disabled).


The Villa Fernandes project was conceived as a place intended for the diffusion of knowledge and the growth of professional skills, especially for young people and those in the area who live disadvantaged situations, through the creation of a training group and an agency for work and assistance to planning and self-entrepreneurship.

In particular, on the first floor of the House, the Youth Services Center of the Municipality of Portici and the Youth Forum, work with the intention of bringing together the activities and services relating to youth policies in a single space that guarantees synergy of intent and allows the identification among the users of a youth center for young people.


Villa Fernandes offers citizens specific services intended:

  • listen to the needs of citizenship and the realities of the area;
  • guidance on opportunities, rights and structures for people with disabilities and their families;
  • facilitate access to information as much as possible for those who experience unpleasant situations.

With the support of specialized advisors, there are several branches with consultants who can guarantee adequate assistance to disadvantaged people. Particular attention is paid to the issue of accessibility and services for the blind people.


Villa Fernandes intends to succeed as a development, learning and innovation center, where professionals of the sector operate, who will be constantly in contact with the interested parties to conduct social and entrepreneurial projects, also of international importance.

The objective of the area development center is to assist associations, institutions, networks, cooperatives and other companies in the realization of projects which, starting from situations of need and from the resources present in the community, propose effective strategies for sustainable development.