The Villa Fernandes project is supported by the CON IL SUD Foundation with the Peppino Vismara Foundation and it is promoted by the social cooperative Seme di Pace ONLUS together with Città Portici and 22 other active partners in the area.

The House is an early 20th century building in the center of Portici, confiscated by the camorra Rea clan, and became part of the heritage of the Municipality of Portici in March 2009 which then loaned it for use in the network created for the proposal of the project. Today “Villa Fernandes: public good” represents a place open to the free use of both external and internal spaces, a social meeting place and a listening and orientation point for those who live in very difficult situations.


Villa Fernandes is a real hub, a social incubator of 24 representative partners of the area who share their common visions, values and goals. Villa Fernandes is a project that goes beyond geographical boundaries because it promotes a wide and inclusive network that also involves partners from neighboring areas; experiences of excellence, both for the use and management of confiscated assets, and for the development of community foundations. Villa Fernandes, in order to be an asset returned to the community, today can be defined as:

  • a fair, supportive and sustainable local development hub;
  • an open and innovative cultural center, increasingly a point of reference for the area.
  • a personal service center, for listening and support, even for those experiencing uncomfortable situations.